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Before using the kettle, please see that all the kettle can be filled with water
Oct 17, 2017

We use a variety of daily kettle, do not say what type of kettle, decorate the water should be no big problem, but some people are more unlucky, because their careless pot filled with water led to the kettle burst, just over the door Daughter-in-law large area burns.

September 7, Miss Ling said, "Yesterday in a good home to buy the glass pot of the supermarket, just poured into the water actually burst, resulting in just after the door of the daughter-in-law large area of scald, how can this account with relatives! Ms. home to see the table glass kettle neck and pot body has been separated, the bottom side of a hole, glass fragments stood in the side. "The kettle suddenly exploded, hot water instantly burned Zhang Ying, and the kettle was bought back last night.

Ms. Ling in the home to see the bed was burned after the daughter is wiping the tears, left knee more than a lot of skin off, some areas of blisters. Sitting on the bedside husband wiped a layer of ointment on his wife's thigh, wrapped in a few pieces of ice pimple with a towel, carefully for his wife legs. "Take a piece of ice deposited, hoping to reduce the pain, we just married three days to encounter such a thing, looking at her so painful, heart like a knife in general." Husband said.

In the supermarket, this fine glass kettle, priced at 6.99 yuan, transparent glass kettle put a "manual", which read how to buy and use the caucus of the note, looks and no special, in the note The next reporter saw the "applicable temperature 0-60 degrees" words.

In fact, these accidents can be completely avoided, so we in daily life, whether it is a kettle or other daily products, we must first read the instructions after the use of, so that not only can get started using the product faster, but also to avoid Improper operation leads to a security problem.

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