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Change your knowledge of the kettle Edible kettle to subvert your imagination
Oct 17, 2017

Kettle can eat? Can you believe it? Of course, there are plans to have the truth, come and look at this latest design of the edible kettle, absolutely let you amazing.

British "Mirror" reported on September 15, the British Royal College of Art and Imperial College of Technology graduate student Rodrigo Gonzalez designed a spherical bottle, this disposable plastic bottle is made of gel, edible Thin film. It is reported that the product called "Ooho", shaped like jellyfish or breast material - silica gel, biodegradable.

Therefore, even if you do not eat it after drinking water, discarded will not damage the environment.

Once the material kettle officially entered the market, then our environment will be more of a protection, people's drinking water will also be on a new level.

In the domestic kettle design has not yet reached such a height, if the domestic kettle manufacturers to learn this concept and design our own eco-edible kettle, it would be a wonderful thing.

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