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Is it possible to clean the insulation cup
Oct 17, 2017

Cup is the necessities of our lives, everyone's cleaning methods are not the same, most people like to use boiling water, the cup all hot, so that can play the role of sterilization. There are some people feel that only the use of clean water and hot water, are not too effective cleaning method, so choose to use salt water or detergent, that this can play a very good cleaning effect. In fact, the insulation cups are sandblasting electrolysis, electrolysis after the liner can avoid direct contact with the stainless steel material physical reaction. Salt and detergent all contain irritating substances, these two substances may damage the insulation cup liner, so we try not to use these two cleaning methods.

In addition, when we clean the insulation cup, try not to use hard objects to rub the swab, this will destroy the surface of the transfer and fine print. There are friends who use the insulation cup, pay attention to the above mentioned knowledge.

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