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It is very simple and practical to make loudspeakers with plastic cups
Oct 17, 2017

Many friends are not found their mobile phone speakers outside the small voice, want to listen to music but can not find the kind of rhythm, with earphones for a long time and uncomfortable ears. Perhaps your first thought is for a loud speaker outside the phone, but have you considered doing so too expensive? But also produce waste. In fact, but you are not clever use of our side of the resources fills, plastic cup manufacturers to teach you, two plastic cups, a waste paper tube, you can create a simple and easy to use the speaker, the sound and also great.


Take some kitchen paper, remove the middle of the paper tube, and then press the phone shape in the middle cut out the space to put the phone into. If there is a plastic cup on the better, cut the plastic cup side into the paper tube, you can direct the sound to the front. Although this DIY speaker will not make the phone speaker sound better, but it can significantly enlarge the volume. If you then lazy, you can also put the phone directly into the glass or bowl, the same as the sound effect.

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