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New design protein shaker show time
Dec 06, 2017

We talk more about the knowledge of the technique and trade terms these days, now, let’s relaxes, I would like to show some new design product to you.

1.    Protein shaker with windows

More and more people like to do exercise to keep healthy, keep slim or build muscle, so the shaker become more important. About the shaker bottle, we have single wall and single layer protein shaker, like this:

TT-B046 black.jpg

We have single wall with double layer shaker, it can separate the protein powder and the water, you can put the protein on the water when you want, maybe before the sport, like this shaker:


Of course, these shakers are good. But…How do I know how much water I have been put on?

The shakers have the measure scale, but we cannot look the water in the shaker, sometimes we need 2 cups of protein powder with 500ml water to mix, but maybe put on 700ml water, that’s terrible. So our designers and engineers invented this shaker with windows, you can see the water in the shaker, to put how much water which you want. Please look at the pictures:

We have existing products, so you can purchase a test order such as 100 pieces, or 500 pieces. 


The amazing thing is that, we have four colors now, red, white, black and silver. That means if you want to order 200 piece of protein shaker, 50 pieces per color is accepted.

In addition, this shaker bottle standard package is colorful box, you don’t need to bear the extra fee if you want a box.


1.    Double wall stainless steel shaker

This design is inspired by life~ Have a joke ^_^

In fact, many of customers ask for the double wall shaker, they want to keep the water hot or cold.

When they at home, will put the shaker on the refrigerator, make the protein powder, then take to the gym, the shaker will keep cold. So we designed this shaker:

double wall can keep hot and cold stainless steel shaker


We also have another design, without handle.

Of course, double wall double layer shaker as below:


The inner have measure scale, easy to put water.


These shakers will make the exercise better and better; also will change your life.

Please feel free to send inquiry to us!

Thanks for your reading.

Have a lovely day! ^_^

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