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Sports kettle manufacturers teach you to use the fruit cup correctly
Oct 17, 2017

With the importance of health care, fruit cups began to increasingly popular, which has a large extent due to the market of fruit juice drinks add different artificial colors and other chemical substances. The production of their own fruit juice drinks have become part of our daily life, but can not blindly put some fruit into, put what is good, what is not good.

The magical effect of the fruit

Pineapple: stomach intestines, to help protein absorption, anti-cold, anti-respiratory tract infection, enhance immunity, wipe the salt better.

Lychee: Qi and blood, promote blood circulation, but the body is not suitable for eating mania.

Cherry: rich in iron content, can beauty beauty.

Strawberry: heat and cooling blood, you can beauty and moisturizing hair.

Mango: appetite vomiting, vitamin A content is high, beneficial health.

Banana: Runchang Tongmai, containing a lot of potassium to prevent cardiovascular hardening.

Persimmon: cough and blood pressure, relieve respiratory disease.

Loquat: lungs cough, regulate the respiratory discomfort.

Papaya: to wet Shujin, whitening skin.

Grapes: blood Qi, anti-oxidation, enhance immunity.

Pears: cough and phlegm, clear heat poisoning.

Lotus fog: antipyretic, diuretic, sedative nerves, salt consumption better.

Date: can cure constipation, diuretic, Yiwei Sheng Jin, fasting can not eat, to chew slowly.

Apple: cure constipation, moisturizing the skin, cleaning teeth.

Lemon: can enhance digestion, sweating too much, loss of appetite are suitable for consumption.

Grapefruit: can be Qingre hot, laxative, eliminate smelly, but the cold body should not eat too cold.

Oranges: cold, can be antipyretic, phlegm, anti-constipation, Shengjinzhike.

Tomato: to prevent high blood pressure, anemia, can be refreshing, heat, help digestion, juice can skin.

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