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This stretch of folding cups, every day to let China save nearly 200 million one-time cup!
Oct 17, 2017

Go out or travel, always want to bring a cup, but the cup is not convenient to carry, the use of disposable cups afraid of unsanitary, not environmentally friendly.

Popular science, the United Kingdom consumes about seven million cups a day, piled up and seven as Mount Everest, and China's daily consumption of 28 times the British ...

In order to solve these problems, a British uncle invented a portable and environmentally friendly folding cup - POKITO

POKITO at first glance and other cups are no different, but it has the advantages of ordinary cups - adjustable capacity size! The The

In addition, it is also very intimate design, the inner wall of the insulation insulation layer, the outside also added a set of insulation, even if the hot drink, it will not be hot. And there are anti-skid sets of anti-skid fine stripes, while increasing the friction also makes the grip more comfortable. This small body, into the bag is completely no problem.

Cup body soft material part, using TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), hard material part is the use of food grade PP (polypropylene). These have passed the United States, the European Medicines Agency certification, to ensure safe non-toxic and environmentally friendly!

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