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Top Tip Class Unit 14 ODM story
Dec 11, 2017

We have been talking about the OEM, this time let’s lean the ODM.

For a manufacturer, we have own factory, engineers and designers, so we always open new mould to do a new product.

Because we have signed a confidentiality agreement, the sample will not show you, but we can show the story for you.


We have a customer from Australia; they designed a new product, and also have many other accessories, such as leather cover and bag.


The first time, when the mould is complete, the first order quantity is 1000pcs, they bear the mould cost and we also provide the best after-sales, so last month they place the second order and update a new accessories, we help them to found the factory which provides the accessories, we become friends not only the business partner.


I think the most important things are we provide the best service, high-quality products and patiently pre-sale and you give us understanding and trust. We help you to do better and you help us so.


Thanks for all reader.

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