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Top Tip Class Unit 2 Printing——pad printing
Nov 15, 2017

1. What is pad printing?

Pad printing, suitable for printing on irregular surface. The use of steel (or copper, thermoplastic plastic) gravure, the use of curved surface of the silicone rubber material head, the gravure ink dipped in the head surface, and then press the surface of the desired object can be printed out Text, graphics and so on.

The pad printing can printing on the spherical surface, uneven surface can be printed, not affected by a small amount of depression. The same can be monochrome, two-color color, multi-color color. 

2. How to printing the logo on the bottle?

The most complex printing sleeve ribbon gradient logo.


3.  Which printing way is suitable for your logo

In the irregular sphere, and the surface of the surface of the kettle can be used for printing pad printing; when the logo color with a gradient color, a single gradient color is more similar printing pad printing can also be used.


We have cooperating with Kellogg's, Nestle and Nivea, also do pad printing, so if your logo have gradient color or want to printing on irregular sphere, please send the logo to me, we will help you to do that!

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