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Top Tip Class Unit 3 Printing——Water transfer printing
Nov 16, 2017

The last class, we talk about the silk screen printing and pad printing, if your logo has solid color or the color not very complicated, the silk screen printing and pad printing will suitable for you, but if you need full version printing, you may know thiswater transfer printing.


1. What is water transfer printing?

Water transfer is the use of water pressure with a color pattern of the transfer paper / plastic film for a polymer hydrolysis of a printing.

The transfer material, is a special kind of polymer materials, generally consists of three layers, the lower base paper, in which the adhesive layer can be formed, the upper layer of the hydrocolloid layer.


2. How to printing the logo on the bottle?

Process: making water transfer printing paper flower paper soaked pattern transfer drying finished product



Advantages: a variety of colors, full color graphics


3.  Which printing way is suitable for your logo

Need printing full color image on bottle, and the bottle are Irregular surface, you can choose the water transfer printing.


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