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Top Tip Class Unit 5 Kettle Craft
Nov 21, 2017

Sports water bottle is outdoor sports carrying water. Compared with other water tools, sports water bottle because of durable, safe and reliable, easy to insurance and other characteristics, in recent years, the emergence of sports water bottle to become more popular and environmentally friendly new sporting goods.

With the rise of domestic outdoor sports, development and continuous vigorous growth, sales of sports water bottles in the country is expanding every year.


How to produce the bottle?

1.     Straight blow (one-step blowing)

2.     Injection Preform,Then Blowing.(two-step)

3.     Injection (cup)




The next time we will show the Blow molding produce to you, to know the kettle production process.


Any questions welcome send the inquiry to us, thank you so much for reading

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