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Top Tip Class Unit 7 lid of the bottle--part 1
Nov 24, 2017

Many of lid of the bottles we can see on the supermarket, maybe it is small or look strange, maybe some of the lid we don’t know how to open it, but how to choose a lid is suitable for me? For child? Or for man?

This time let’s know how many kind of the lids, and which one is better for us.


Many of sport water bottles are soft and easy to extruded, in order to drink water more convenient, the designer make a lid which are leak proof and don’t need cap.

1. Spout: you need pull up the spout when you need drink. The spout including lid, spout and silicone waterproof ring.



2. Pull and push: also have three parts, lid, pull lid and silicone waterproof ring.


3. Valve lid: it’s a complex lid, have 4 parts, lid, Valve accessories, silicone valve and waterproof ring. So when you want to drink, you just need press the bottle, you don’t need open the lid or cap. That’s easy than other lids.


4. The lid with strap: easy to take and can hang on the bag or bicycle.


Thanks for everyone, the next time we will talk about the lid of water bottle, and also will show some high quality product for you.


Have a good weekend!

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