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Top Tip Class Unit 9 Common kettle’s accessories
Nov 30, 2017

1. Silicone sleeve.

Commonly used in coffee cups, you can beautify the shape of the cup. Logo can be printed on the silicone sleeve, heat insulation, enhance friction.


2.Fabric Sleeve for cup

Commonly used in glass, cup cover printing signs, signs. For heat insulation, shock absorption, anti-drip.


3. bags

Bags are usually customized for the customer. Cloth bag made of rough cotton. Printed logo on the bag and label on the side of the bag.


4. connecting rope

Common lid and bottle connection, ribbon can be printed logo, easy to carry, you can hang on the bike and other means of transport.


5. silicone rope

Improve the design of the water bottle, easy to carry. Feel comfortable, children can safely use


6. nylon rope

General hanging on the lid, easy to carry.


7. Carabiner

Carabiner is generally used for sports water bottle, water bottles can be hung on the backpack, easy to carry sports.


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