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Unit 17 New mould and old mould
Dec 13, 2017

11 years ago, we start to do water bottle business, it’s the first time we open mould and to do our own design water bottle. And then, our patent product----collapsible water bottle was produced. After that, our customers need an open mould to do their own design, we also design other products, not only the water bottle, also the lunch box.

Recent year, fitness swept the world, more and more people involved in the fitness team, we also to do shaker bottle. A variety of different types of the shaker, different materials into the market.

Now we have more than 300 kinds of the water bottle and lunch box, for example, the fruit bottle, protein joyshaker, sports water bottle, dumbbell shape bottle and so on. These products some produced by old mould, and some produced by new mould, so they will have some differences. With the progress of technology, mould making increasingly sophisticated, our product quality is also getting higher and higher, so the water bottle has higher quality than old mould.

And we suggest all reader design the new mould to do your own product if you will continue to sell this product long time of the future.


Thank you for all friends, the next time we will talk the detail of the difference between new mould and old mould.

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