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Unit 21 stainless steel shaker and plastic shaker
Dec 18, 2017

There are stainless steel shaker and plastic shaker in the market, many people want to know how to choose and which are best.

Actually, not the best but the suitable.

If you are a sports man or woman, you need mix the protein and cold water is good, you prefer lightweight and portable shaker, the plastic shaker will be better for you. Because you know the plastic shaker are portable and you can put on the bag or just hold on the hand.

But the man maybe like the metal shaker, it’s dazzling and attractive.


Of course, most of customer like double wall shaker, it’s can keep ice and hot, is you also like the double wall shaker, great, we can show you these:

1.    Double wall double layer shaker

This item have measures mark inner, you can look at clear the water how much you put on.


1.    Double wall single layer shaker

The difference between the first are single layer and double layer. Double layer can hold 200g protein powder on the second container, but the single layer cannot hold the powder.


1.    Double wall single layer shaker with handle

This item has the handle, can hold easy and also easy to take.


Next class I will show our hot sale plastic shaker to all of you.

Thanks for reading

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