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Unit 27 Silicone water bottle
Dec 25, 2017

We have glass water bottle, can keep hot water and make a cup of milk, you can see the beautiful liquid when you put on the bottle. We also have the stainless water bottle, can keep hot and cold, 304 stainless steel food grade healthy material. We also have the aluminium water bottle; it is light, suitable for camping and another exercise. But we also a silicone water bottle, why choose this?


First, it is foldable.

Silicone is a soft material, so can collapsible, it is convenience to take and you can put into the bag, pocket or any space you can thought.


Second, it is can hold hot water.

It is said the silicone water bottle can hold the liquid from -25to 250. That means you can take the hot water or cold water, it is no toxic.


However, if you want to know more about the water bottle, please feel free to send an inquiry to us.

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