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Unit 31 PC water bottle Part 2
Dec 29, 2017

4, wide mouth: Most single-layer metal kettles are narrow mouth, which undoubtedly conducive to exercise, such as cycling or cross-country run, but I believe most people use it outdoors when they stop to drink, Then the wide-mouth features of the Space Cup can bring more benefits, whether it is irrigation or cleaning, whether it is brewing tea or medicine, whether it is porridge or cereal, water can be used, eat can also be used, and even can do Kind of solid or powder container, I personally enjoy using it to store fruit or milk powder, in short, how to use, how to use. Even if you need a narrow mouth function, there are a variety of convenient accessories and designs for you to choose from.


5, transparent: Maybe this feature is dispensable, but the transparent bottle and capacity scale display will undoubtedly provide you more convenience and reference, of course, it will not be able to achieve some of the unique selling point of metal kettles - Anti-corrosion coating, but in fact, I never imagined never seen anyone in the field will put the water in the pot a few days not to drink or replace.

6, cheap: domestic brands in the supermarket, but a few dollars to a dozen, even the well-known United States Nalgene usually not more than 100.


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