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Unit 33 How to choose water bottle for kids(1)
Jan 02, 2018

Three common categories of bottle material for kids, glass, plastic and liquid silicone (recently popular), which is divided into plastic PC, PP, PES and PPSU. Contains BPA toxic substances in plastic PC material (was banned to continue production) The first category, the glass material. Advantages: Baby glass bottle material is generally made of advanced heat-resistant glass, the material safety does not contain carcinogen bisphenol A, in case of acidic or alkaline substances will not release harmful substances, safe and non-toxic. And high transparency, high temperature, very easy to clean ah (wash the bottle to know the plastic will feel dirty with a long time, and most of the glass bottle wide-caliber, foam milk and wash bottles are super convenient) , While the bottle is not easy to scratch.


Disadvantages: The disadvantage of glass bottle is not enough strength, brittle. Not suitable for baby alone. Need to have a mother to feed the baby.

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