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Unit 46 Metal bottle——Different between the Spray-paint and Powder coating
Jan 20, 2018

Spray-paint is the simplest form of metal printing. Only need to pour the paint into a special painting equipment, spray the workpiece with a spray gun and wait for it to dry naturally or high-temperature drying can, so relatively speaking is the simplest of a physical process.


The powder coating requires a special spraying equipment, in fact, spray a more formal name, called painting, so often have to use a variety of electrostatic spraying machine, high-pressure spray gun, oven, hot barn, dusting recovery device and Air compressors and more. Instead of using a paint that is painted with a liquid paint, it uses a special solid powder that is electrostatically treated and then adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece. It is then baked into a hot barn for curing, and when cooled, Form a solid coating. Modern spray operations are mostly pipeline operations, of which there are individual steps are the manual operation, the whole process includes both the physical process, but also contains the chemical process. At the same time after the appearance of spray can be divided into high light, matte, matte, orange pattern, etc., is not reached by ordinary painting.


The last is Super Zinc. The reason that zinc spray does not hear much in our life is because it is a corrosion-resistant process for relatively complex metal surfaces. This operation also requires special super Zinc devices and spray guns, and Large displacement air compressor. The whole process needs to be used to high voltage and high temperature, so it is very dangerous. Therefore it is very rare in normal spraying. It is usually used for spraying steel structures of large buildings or metal workpieces with higher requirements.


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