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What kind of sports kettle should be carried in the marathon?
Oct 17, 2017

Marathon is a large-scale outdoor strenuous exercise that tests physical and mental, and we often see some tragedies on the marathon, but still can not reduce the popularity of the tournament. As shown in the following figure, the marathon in Hong Kong attracted a total of about 7.3w of occupation and amateurs. In the game, the water is a very critical step, in order to prevent the staff caused by too much water and the slippery area, I suggest amateur players choose to carry their own sports bottle.

But this sports cavern is a stress, the kind of ordinary in the hands of a lot of inconvenience, folding water bottle is also not very suitable. This time I suggest that you better choose a slot above the slot, the above can be placed a lot of small kettle. But also can give yourself a cooling. This small kettle can choose silicone material, light texture, you can easily folding extrusion. Easy to carry. The most important thing is that everyone must choose a suitable weather to attend. Weather wetness sweat, increase cramps and dizziness risk, and even increase the heart load, induced heart disease, and runners inhalation of air suspended particles will stimulate the lungs, causing heart disease. Although the General Assembly has long called the runners do not self-timer in the track, but there are still many people take out the phone while running to take pictures, or even dispatch "self-timer artifact", some people pick up the phone on the ground and the back runner collisions both fell to the ground The

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