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Why Need Buy A Fruit Infuser Bottle?
Nov 08, 2017

A new way to take vitamin supplements!


Do you know how to make a cup of vitamin water? All of the human need to take vitamin supplements, because vitamins are indispensable substances to ensure the growth and development of human body, to maintain life and enhance the ability to resist disease. If the human body is deficient in vitamins, it can directly affect the physiological activities of the body and the metabolism of substances, and can develop various metabolic diseases.

But what is the best idea to take vitamin supplements? To buy the Vitamin pills? To eat more vegetable or fruit? Of course if you like to take the pills wherever you are, and can eat more kind of fruit every day, that’s ok. But if you are careless personality, like the simple life, choose a fruit infuser water bottle will be best.


You can put on many kinds of fruit which you like, such as strawberry, apple, lemon and so on.

Now, there are some tips can help you to make a cup of vitamin water.

First, you need a fruit infuser water bottle. We have many of infuser water bottle can for your reference; you can design the bottle color, or the infuser color and lid color, and printing your logo or picture also a good idea. Please visit our website, and choose your favorite fruit infuser water bottle.








Secondly, cut the fruits into small pieces and put into infuser. You may pick whichever one you like best, and mostly I will choose strawberry, blueberry, purple and lemon, lemon is the best I think. 


Thirdly, freezing~ Put the bottle in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours. And at this time you can do other things, usually I will make it on night, also will put some honey, I like the honey^_^

The next morning, you will get the vitamin water.


After yoga, running or other morning exercise, drink this water! You will smell the fruit and have a good mood.


Welcome visit our website~

Have a good day!

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