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You should know the insulation cup common sense
Oct 17, 2017

Winter and summer are the best time to use the insulation cup, in general life, people are generally used in winter, and the summer will be very few people use, in fact, known as the insulation cup insulation cup, but it is not only the effect of insulation , But also cold. Like a vacuum insulation cup is through the vacuum to block the temperature of the transfer, so both insulation and cold.

Now let's take a brief look at the insulation function of the insulation cup. Insulation cup is usually made of stainless steel with a vacuum layer of water containers, insulation cup top cover, sealed tight, vacuum insulation layer can be installed in the internal water and other liquid to slow down the heat to achieve the purpose of insulation.

Insulation Cup is able to heat, because the insulation inside the silver can reflect the hot water, the cup of gallbladder and its own vacuum can block the heat transfer, and not easy to pass the heat of the bottle can prevent heat convection.

There are many layers inside the insulation, its sandwich is generally vacuum, to prevent the heat conduction, and then plated with silver, heat insulation cup so that you can prevent heat radiation. Some cups above the cork are also designed to prevent heat conduction.

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